Monday, November 29, 2010

The Big Chill.

Heading across Home Field to check on the chickens.
Winter has arrived on the steppes of Cornwall. This means checking on the chickens several times a day to make sure they're OK and that their water hasn't frozen (they need a good supply at all times). A second egg has been found today! 
The chickens are all snug in their house, and who can blame them?
The heavy frosts and sub-zero temperatures also mean wrapping up the tender plants. Even inside the polytunnel our dwarf banana palm is suffering badly and the nasturtiums look poorly. We've put net curtains over them to provide an insulating layer, so fingers crossed. Inside the polytunnel is almost as cold as outside, but the wind-chill factor is greatly reduced, meaning our hardy salads are surviving still, and providing us with the fresh zesty crisp leaves that make up our winter salad bags.
Snow on the outside of the polytunnel, while the salads survive inside.

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