Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chickens arrive.

On the morning of Saturday 13th November, Bosavern Community Farm's first flock of chickens arrived at their new home. The birds are one year old, and certified organic. They are not due to start laying until the new year, after day-length begins to increase from December 22nd onwards. Hens naturally molt in winter and regrow their feathers, so that all their energy goes into producing feathers rather than eggs.
Our new chickens being released from their crates.
The ladies have spent the last few days settling in to their new home, recently painted and decorated. They are getting bolder every day, and are starting to forage around their 1000 square metre run. The fence is almost 2m high, with two strands of electric wire at the bottom to deter foxes, and dug into the ground to prevent foxes tunneling underneath. We are due to complete the digging-in of the wire-netting tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, the other 2 sheds have been painted and roofed, and await new occupants come 2011, although the fences need to be built.
Celebrating the arrival of our chickens.
We hope to be selling fresh organic free-range eggs early in the new year, fulfilling one of the main objectives of the Bosavern Community Farm group. If you would like to help us raise funds for buying more chickens, you can download a "chicken sponsorship" form from our webpage,, or call in to the farmhouse - and maybe even visit the ladies themselves!
Deb counting the chickens....

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