Thursday, November 4, 2010

Classroom Progress.

As part of our endeavour to attract school groups onto the farm, where they can learn about food-growing, farming, nature conservation, and food-webs, we have been renovating one of the outbuildings to become a classroom. It is upstairs overlooking the farmyard and several of the fields, and is a lovely bright room, with a south-facing window.
Adam fitting one of the new windows.
The space created will not just be a classroom for school groups, but has the capacity to host workshops, displays, training courses, and other events. It may well be used for the first time tomorrow when St. Just Primary School make their first visit to the farm - if not we will certainly use it on our Farm Open Day on Saturday 13th. The room is a welcome addition to our increasing capacity to attract visitors and volunteers to the farm.
Leo helping to install the new handrails.
The granite steps leading to the classroom have been scrubbed clean of moss, and new handrails erected for safety, thanks to Adam and Leo. Adam has also installed two new windows. Today, during our regular Thursday volunteering session, Lela, Alice and Willow painted the room white - it now looks great and ready to recieve visitors, so many thanks for everybody's help, as always.
Alice, Lela and Willow adding a second coat of paint to the classroom walls.
We believe that the more people who come along to the farm to lend a hand, or simply to look around, the better. The number of volunteers who come along on Thursdays and Saturdays is steadily growing, and the farm continues to take shape. We are very excited about school-groups starting to visit the farm, where we hope to help them get involved in growing the food they eat, and connecting with the land and landscape.

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