Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lafrowda Day

The two-week arts festival that is Lafrowda finished yesterday, with a wonderful day of processions, music, community and festivities. Bosavern Community Farm would like to thank all the Lafrowda crew for making this excellent event happen year after year. For the fourth year running we had a stall on Fore Street selling farm produce and promoting the farm and its veg box scheme, and for the second year running we had a willow sculpture in the community parade.
Nikki and Alice getting started on the "were-rabbit".

Alice and Pete working on the "were-rabbit".

Painting the first coat.

Our completed "were-rabbit" ready to parade through town.

Sigrid working on our stall on Fore Street.

Promoting our veg box scheme on the street stall.
We'd like to thank Nikki and Alice for taking the lead on our amazing were-rabbit, all the other people who helped them, everyone who helped on the stall on the day, all the people who supported us by buying produce, and Tim for running a stall at Pendeen Farmer's Market simultaneously.

P.S. If anyone has a good photo of the were-rabbit in the procession can they please email to us for posting on this blog - many thanks.
Hugh carrying the were-rabbit in the community procession.
 Thanks to Kate for the photo!

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