Sunday, July 20, 2014

This year's tomatoes start

We picked our first tomatoes of 2014 10 days ago - 6 weeks earlier than last year. This year we are trialling a few new varieties to see how they perform, and all are looking good so far, as well as our tried and tested favourites. There will be tomatoes in the veg boxes for the first time this coming Friday.
"Black Russian" tomatoes, more of a maroon really, we've already picked one that weighed half a kilo.

"Gardener's Delight", one of our old favourites.

"Golden Queen" tomatoes.

"Stupice", the first tomato to be ready this year, by a few days.

"Yellow Submarine" tomatoes, our new favourite!

The first harvest of tomatoes, a colourful medley.

Two punnets for sale on our Lafrowda Day street stall.
Our tomatoes are already on sale in the gate stall, at £1.50 for a half-kilo punnet.

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