Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hay 2015

Mainly due to the wet summer we weren't able to cut our hay until the first of September, but a week of dry breezy weather gave ideal conditions to eventually cut Home Field, which yielded 180 small bales. These are now stacked in the open barn, and are on sale at £3 per bale (we also still have some of last year's hay at the same price).
The hay was baled on Sunday 6th, and this is Monday morning when we stood them up for their final drying.

Kieron and Linda loading bales onto the trailer. The three of us brought all the hay in in one afternoon, being 6 trailer-loads.

Stacked in the barn, watched over by a Bee-Gee. July 2014 cut on the left, 1/9/15 cut on the right.
Our first customers for the new hay were local pony-owners, who sniffed it, declared it "lovely stuff", and bought 2 bales....

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