Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Marazion School visit.

On Tuesday 8th September the farm was visited by 23 students from Marazion School, ages 7 and 8, plus members of staff, for 5 hours. In the morning the students split into 3 groups and engaged in 3 different activities:-

1. A visit to the polytunnels and market garden, where they learnt about different crops, the importance of bees, how climate affects our food, and also tasted some of the vegetables we grow (such as wild rocket, French beans, tomatoes, nasturtium flowers, physallis etc.).
2. A visit to the chickens, where they collected eggs and interacted with the birds.
3. A nature hunt in Home Field, where pairs of students were asked to collect 10 different things from the field (a dandelion flower, pine needle, snail shell, ripe blackberry etc.) - but nobody found a four-leaved clover.

After lunch (a picnic on hay bales in the sunshine) we had some fun games in Home Field - a welly-wanging contest and tug-of-war - before waving the students goodbye. The weather behaved, as did they, and we hope they had a good time and learnt some useful things about farming and wildlife.

Many thanks as always to our group of volunteers who helped on the day.

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