Sunday, September 27, 2015

Tomatoes 2015

This year we believe we've produced the best selection of tomatoes to date, with plenty of colour and variety, but also great tasting. Here's some photo's from our polytunnel taken the other day.
Berner Rose, new this year, a large rose-coloured juicy tomato.

Chocolate cherry, new this year, a chocolate-brown cherry tomato with good flavour.

Costoluto Fiorentino, new this year, probably our most attractive tomato, a large ribbed juicy Italian variety.

Galina, new this year, a yellow cherry tomato.

Gardener's Delight, an old favourite red cherry.

Golden Queen, large juicy yellow tomato.

Jen's Tangerine, new this year, a large orange tomato.

Moneymaker, standard large red tomato for general use.

San Marzano, an Italian plum tomato.

Sungold, the tastiest tomato we grow (also the only F1 we do), a delicious orange cherry.

White cherry, new this year.

Yellow Submarine, a tasty pear-shaped yellow cherry tomato.
Those are 12 of our varieties this year, but there's at least one (Stupice, a tasty large red and green tomato) that doesn't appear here - sorry for overlooking you in the tunnel! Seeds for most of these tomato varieties are available to buy from Tamar Organics and the Real Seed Catalogue (search for them online).

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