Saturday, October 22, 2016

Proposed polytunnel skinning

Our "Mothership" ploytunnel has been without a plastic skin since last winter's storms, and needs one before this winter gets started. She has been prepared in readiness, and we have the skin waiting, now we just need the weather and enough people to do the job (10 people minimum)! Both Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th October look promising, so we're keeping an eye on the wind speed forecasts for those days in the hope that one of them will be good. If anybody is available and willing to lend a hand, on either next Tuesday or Wednesday, from 10am till 1pm, can you please email us at We would appreciate all the help we can get. We will know on Monday afternoon which day (if any) we will attempt the job, and we'll post another message here to verify when.
Many thanks in anticipation!

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