Monday, October 24, 2016

Veg boxes 21st October

Standard veg box = 500g brown onions, 1kg Picasso potatoes, 3 peppers, 500g carrots, 200g Swiss chard, a swede, 400g leeks, 200g kale, 100g salad leaves, 500g striped beetroot = £10 (or £11 delivered to your door).

Small veg box = 100g salad leaves, 1kg Picasso potatoes, 200g kale, 2 peppers, 500g carrots, 400g leeks; plus added extras of one litre milk, 6 free-range eggs, and a large sourdough loaf = £11.80 (or £12.80 delivered to your door).
All fresh produce was grown on the community farm, including the eggs, with organic milk from Treen and organic bread from Helston. Please contact the farm on 01736 788454 to order yours.

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