Thursday, May 18, 2017

Planting onions

After planting onion sets for the past 7 years, with varying results, this year we decided to grow some onions ourselves from seed (Bedfordshire Champion), and buy some transplants from Tamar Organics (Bajosta and Rebloja), and plant all live seedlings instead. After planting one and a half lines of our own onions on Tuesday (along with two kinds of kale, two of cabbage, some spring onions and red chard), yesterday we got a team of volunteers together and planted over 3000 transplants by hand into lines of compost on the Market Garden, filling another eight and a half lines. At least the sun came out to dry us off, and we even had time left at the end of the afternoon to clean the chicken sheds out. Thanks to everyone!
Rob, Tasha and Martin planting onion transplants.

Lena planting onions, with Martin, Andy and Rob putting compost on the rows.

Roman and Tasha planting onions into finger-dibbed holes.

Bajosta white onion transplants.
Onions all planted and covered in mesh to keep the rabbits and birds off.

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