Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Planting summer polytunnel crops

April has been a busy month in the polytunnels, and now, early in May, we have got all our summer crops planted into our five polytunnels, with the last of the cucumbers going into the ground today.
Three lines of long black aubergines planted between two lines of sugar-snap and mange-tout peas, in the Sausage.

Half of our cucumbers planted amongst the herbs and strawberries of the Mothership.

Our first crop of strawberries from the Mothership (6th May).

Tomatillos planted in the Mothership.

Several varieties of peppers planted alongside our leek seedbed (plus chard, kohl rabi, and French beans) in Valentine.

Ring-o-fire chillies and jalapeno peppers planted in the Mothership (with Vietnamese coriander at the back).

French beans climbing up mesh in Valentine.
Our fourth polytunnel, Nigel, is now full of summer salads, and our fifth, Imogen, is full of tomatoes. We are now turning our attention to the outdoor market garden, where we planted broad beans last week, globe artichokes at the weekend, and chard today, and we have kale, summer cabbages and peas to go in later this week. Busy!

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