Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hay 2017

This year was our biggest hay harvest to date, producing 1000 bales from 4 fields. We cut the 3 fields included in our Entry Level Stewardship scheme, plus a small field at the top of the farm. The fields were cut on Thursday, turned on Saturday, baled on Sunday evening, then gathered and stacked in the barn on (Bank Holiday) Monday and Tuesday. Gathering hay is the hottest, sweatiest, itchiest, most physically demanding job of the year, and we'd like to thank everyone who helped with this massive task over two long hot days - Martin, Mira, Andy, Bethany, Celine, Ben and Ian - plus Alice and Shelley for helping in the farm shop and kitchen while we were out in the fields.
Carn meadow before cutting.

Hotel meadow before cutting.

Carn meadow baled and ready for gathering.

Martin and Andy gathering hay in Carn meadow.

Hugh and Andy with a trailer of hay.

Martin, Mira and Ben in the trailer ready to gather another load.

Mira and Martin loading the trailer.

Gathering hay in Hotel meadow.

Martin and Mira loading the trailer.

1000 bales stacked under cover in the open barn.
Our hay is now for sale at the usual £3 per bale, and local delivery may be possible for an extra charge. The fields are unsprayed and "unimproved", and the hay is stored undercover.

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