Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Planting brassicas and courgettes

Last week we planted our winter brassicas (on time) and our second batch of courgettes (a bit late).
18 lines, each 75m long, handplanted and covered in mesh, in our newly prepared field. Many thanks to Andy and our team of wwoofers for 2 days well spent.

Our to-be-courgette patch still full of overgrown salad, overgrown chard, selfsown comfrey, and overlooked garlic.

100 courgette plants hardened off and ready for the soil.

Ian getting stuck in clearing the patch (also thanks to Ben and Kate for their help).

The courgettes all in the ground, planted through weed-suppressing membrane (thanks to Andy and Rachel for their help).

Courgettes from our earlier patch already for sale in the shop.

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