Thursday, August 24, 2017

Rebuild Southwest

A team of workers from Rebuild Southwest / Who Dares Works spent a week helping on the farm from 7th to 11th August, and we are very grateful for their input. They repaired our chicken fence and cut the grass around its base to make sure the electrics work, built a new compost bay out of reclaimed pallets, cleaned out the chicken sheds, weeded and laid compost and woodchip on a sheltered salad bed, built a fire-pit with seating, dug a sunken trackway behind the bee-friendly garden, built a rabbit-fence around our new herb garden, and cleared around the overgrown square-metre beds from last years' gardening course. A good week's work!
The improved fire-pit by the cob barn, with seating made from used tyres and fence offcuts.

Rabbit-fence around the new herb garden behind the Mothership.

Bed system laid out in the sheltered growing area.

Trakcway dug behind the bee-friendly garden, to allow access to the lost corner.

The overgrown square-metre beds reclaimed.
For more information on the scheme please visit their site at

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