Sunday, September 9, 2018

Bringing in the hay

Our four fields of hay were cut on Friday 31st August, baled on the following Wednesday, and gradually brought into the open barn on Wednesday afternoon, Thursday afternoon, Friday afternoon, and Saturday morning. Thankfully this year there was no heavy rain in the forecast (and none in real life either), so we could take our time and continue all the other farm activities (such as picking veg!) as well. Many thanks go to everyone who helped with the hay, it's a big job and we're very grateful to you all - Ben 1, Andy, Pete, Ben 2, Stella, Marin, Rob, Alice, Jenny, Solomon, Medellin, Malina and Dom - and to Simon for getting our tipping trailor functional as it made a big difference with faster turnarounds between yard and field.
Clive and Kieron baling in Carn Meadow on Wednesday afternoon.

About to collect the first trailor load in Carn Meadow as the baling continues.

Ben 2 and Pete loading the trailor in Standing Stone Field.

Pete, Ben 1, and Rob loading the trailor in Hotel Meadow.

Stacking hay in the barn - Andy, Malina, Pete and Ben 1.

Ben 1 and Pete with the final load from Hotel Meadow, on Saturday lunchtime.
Carrying from farmyard to barn - Andy, Jenny, Alice, and kids.

894 bales stacked in the open barn ready for use and sale.
This year we harvested 894 bales from our four fields, the same land surface that we harvested 1040 from last year - this reduced yield is due to the lack of rain for two months of the growing season. The hay is now available to buy in our farm shop at only £3 per bale - we still have 42 bales of last year's hay if you prefer your fodder to be more mature!

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