Sunday, September 9, 2018

New raised beds

We had a grassy patch between our propagation polytunnel and the sheltered bed behind it (for salad and runner beans), so we decided to build some raised beds and utilise the space.
An unused wooden tonne box in the packing shed, which was sliced into three sections to make the raised beds.

The first section, having been jigsawed off the top of the tonne box.

The three boxes in position, laying in the cardboard, and starting to fill with our own compost.

Filling with our own compost, then a layer of green waste compost on the top.

The three raised beds ready for planting.
We built, installed, and filled the three new beds on Tuesday afternoon, and on Wednesday morning we planted two with salad seedlings, sowed the third with radish seeds, and finally covered them with wondermesh to protect and shelter them.

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