Tuesday, January 15, 2019

New raised beds

Last spring we dug seven permanent raised beds in the market garden, and such was the quality and value of the crops they produced (amazing black Tuscan kale, excellent broad beans, some big pumpkins, but disastrous onion transplants which dried out due to the lowered water table - a lesson learnt) that we have just finished creating another nine, which is all that we can fit into the space available. With a good group of both local and WWOOF volunteers this took us one week exactly, using all our spare time.
Number 6 under way, with Marie, Ailsa, Ole and Robert.

Marie, Sue, Ben, Ole and Robert.

Digging the ninth and final bed - Clara, Adrien and Ole.

Lots of planting to be done this spring!
We emptied one of our own compost bays into the beds (buried between layers of soil), as well as a pile of horse manure from a nearby field. Now we have to produce the plants to go into them - cut and come again salad leaves, globe artichokes (sown today), black Tuscan kale and other kales, spring greens, summer cabbages, broad beans, headed lettuces, possibly early courgettes.....

Many thanks as always to our volunteers who dug on most days of a week to get this done - many of them appear in the photos above, but some don't - big thanks to all.

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