Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Sowing seeds

A new year, and a new growing season beckons. We don't get much of a winter break here at the end of Cornwall! So on the first Saturday of January we powered up the hot bed and sowed our sweet pepper, chilli pepper, and aubergines crops. This year we dug out the heating cable, cleaned it off (which involved scrubbing off encrustations of sand using sandpaper), and relaid it, which took a few hours, but the bed is working better than for the past couple of seasons, so it must have paid off.
Seed trays in the hot bed, inside clear plastic bags to deter mice and retain moisture.
We've also sown a lot of seeds which will germinate in the polytunnel without needing additional heat - mange-tout and sugar snap peas, various salads, spring greens, herb fennel, headed lettuces, pak choi and Chinese cabbage.
Sowing seeds in the propagation tunnel - Noemie, Ole, Adrien and Ben.

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