Friday, January 11, 2019

veg boxes 11th January 2019

Our second batch of veg boxes of the new year....
Today was mooli day (or daikon day if you prefer the Japanese name to the Hindi), with every veg box - except those specifying no radishes - getting half a kilo of this delicious Asian root veg, plus a recipe in their email newsletter to give one idea of what to do with it.

Small veg box (£6) - mooli, Ambo potatoes, a lettuce, leeks, komatsuna greens (Chinese spinach), and sprigs of Vietnamese coriander.

Standard veg box (£10) - as above with added rainbow chard, beetroot, purple-top turnips, and a cabbage.

All grown by us on the community farm except the potatoes, which are certified organic from nearby St. Hilary.

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