Thursday, November 16, 2023

100 new chickens

Over the past few years we have allowed our chicken flock numbers to reduce due to the ongoing risks of avian influenza. As a result the demand for our eggs has far outstripped supply, and we have had to buy eggs from Cornhill Farm to supplement our own, particularly for our weekly veg boxes. But this year, having consulted with our volunteers, customers, and members, we have decided to boost our flock again. So on 16th May we brought another 150 chickens to the farm, and on 7th November we introduced 100 more. Avian influenza does not seem to be as prevelant this winter, so far, as in recent years, and we hope that this situation continues.

Our new chickens on their first day in their new home.

We also dragged each of the three sheds twenty metres down the field to give them all fresh pasture. And we mended all the holes and snapped posts in the fence, cut the grass around the electrical fox-proofing, and tested the electrics in preparation.

Some of our older flock on their fresh green pasture.

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