Thursday, November 16, 2023

Storm Ciaran

Storm Ciaran hit west Cornwall on the night of Wednesday 1st November, and continued into Thursday, which is always our picking and packing day, although the strongest winds and rain had come and gone before we set out into the fields and polytunnels. Thankfully we sustained only superficial damage, and through our wonderful team of volunteers, we still managed to pick and pack everything and on time! (Well, almost, two of us were still out picking nettle-tips when it went dark and we were still a little shy of our target, but we finished those off on Friday morning).

My barometer reading well below stormy on the Saturday after the storm.

Jos and Sue outside preparing leeks for veg boxes.

Hardcore storm picking and packing team taking a well-earned morning coffee break!

With many thanks for everybody who helped on Thursday 2nd - Ben, Quentin, Sue, Freddie, Jos, Ted, Ailsa, Paul, Katie, Warren, and Miranda.

Rainbow over the market garden on Friday 3rd November.

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