Thursday, November 16, 2023

Tomorrow's veg boxes

We are still busy harvesting for tomorrow's veg boxes, but by the middle of tomorrow morning they will contain:-

Standard veg box (£13.50) - rainbow chard, 2 rocoto chillies, oriental greens, mixed herbs, kale, leeks, Ambo potatoes, mixed salad leaves, and Jack-be-little squashes.

Small veg box (£8.50) - 2 rocoto chillies, spring greens, kale, leeks, Ambo potatoes, and Jack-be-little squashes.

Ben picking spring greens for the small veg boxes.

A beautiful morning out on the Market Garden.

Extras available in veg boxes - Vicky's bread, free-range eggs, Treen organic milk and yoghurt, our own Cornish black bee honey, local organic apples, apple juice, Sarah & Fin's chilli relishes etc...

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