Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Farm Gate Sales.

This month, December 2010, we set up our honesty-stall at the farm gate, and began to sell some produce from it. The stall currently consists of my grandfather's old bathroom cabinet (!!) but we are hoping to upgrade in the near future. Despite being in the depths of an icy winter, and not having been able to sow any seeds until the end of September, we are producing salad bags, radishes and winter greens ("raab" broccoli, a Mediterranean favourite - chop the leaves and swollen stems and add to soups and stews, discarding any fibrous bits) from the polytunnel, and fresh free-range eggs from our flock of hens. Everything is produced organically to Soil Association standards.
Starting to sell from the farm gate in the depths of December.
At any one time there is a selection from the above produce in the cabinet for purchase, and the range will increase as we get further into the new year. All proceeds from sales go towards helping the community farm progress towards its goals.

Our salad bags have been in production now since mid-November, and are also available from Yasmin's Deli in the centre of St. Just. They are made up of a crunchy zesty selection of the following - lamb's lettuce (a.k.a. corn-salad), "namenia" turnip-tops, rocket, "greenwave" mustard, "green in snow" oriental mustard, red salad-bowl lettuce, mizuna, red winter kale, giant winter spinach, endive, swiss chard and rainbow chard.

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