Tuesday, December 28, 2010

School Visits.

One of the aims of the Bosavern Community Farm project is to "create opportunities for training and education in land related skills", and one of our objectives is to "arrange courses and training events for schools and community groups". Since October we have been delighted therefore to welcome groups of pupils from St. Just Primary School for two hours every week as part of their curriculum. So far we have been introducing the pupils to the farm - of which their favourite must be the chickens! - and helping them to design their allotment, which we will be creating for them here on-site in the new year.
Primary school pupils designing their allotment.
Allotment design has been under way in The Hive resource room (previously known as the classroom), and the result is an imaginative and vividly coloured model showing vegetable plots, flower plots, sheds, fences, ponds, paths, trees, and even scarecrows. Our next task is to make their model become reality by transferring their vision onto one of our fields, thus creating the "school allotment".

We hope to be able to demonstrate how to grow a variety of crops, from the processes of plot design and construction, to sowing and planting, weeding and fertilising, plant care, and eventually through to harvesting and eating the produce. Our vision is for local school pupils to eat food that they and their fellow pupils have grown from seed.

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