Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yule Logs.

A Yule log is a special wooden log burned in the household fire as part of Christmas celebrations. Imagine the whole family gathering around their hearth to warm themselves on Christmas morning as the big Yule log crackled and flamed. To tie in with this tradition Bosavern Community Farm held a special Yule log event on December 18th, the final volunteering session before Christmas.
Cutting our Yule logs.
A large branch from one of our neighbour's pine trees had broken off and fallen into one of our fields, so with their permission we cut suitable logs from the branch, took them into The Hive resource room, decorated them with candles, ribbons, teasel heads, ivy, pine cones and glitter, and everyone had a Yule log to take home with them.
Fitting candles into holes drilled into the logs.
After the Yule logs were finished (and they looked great!) we retired to the farmhouse kitchen for home-made mince-pies and mulled wine, plus special mulled orange-tea, so thanks to everyone who came along and provided drink, nibbles and their company.

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