Friday, December 10, 2010


"World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms" is a charity whose aim is to connect volunteers wanting to work on organic farms with organic farms who are seeking volunteers. See their website at for more information. Bosavern Community Farm signed up as a WWOOF Host in September 2010, and we hosted our first WWOOFers in November.
Julien and Seif digging-in the chicken fence, with Abbi and Adi beyond.
Julien and Seif, two French friends, came to live at the farm for 2 weeks and were invaluable help. Their main task while here was digging-in the bottom of the chicken-fence to make it fox-proof (fingers crossed), as well as many other jobs including helping on our Open Day, and putting the third and final roof on our chicken sheds. They were joined at the beginning by Abbi and Adi, who are involved with the organisation of WWOOF and came to visit the farm.
Enjoying the hard work (this was their first morning!).
Julien and Seif were a pleasure to have living in the farmhouse and working on the farm - thanks for all your hard work! They even visited the local school and helped in a French lesson. We are looking forward to more WWOOFers on the farm come the new year.
Building a new compost bin in the vegetable field.

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