Monday, February 7, 2011

Busy day down farm.

Saturday was a cracking day on the farm, with fourteen volunteers coming along to work on the project, so a big thank-you to all of them. Fran and Alice set off early to set up and run the Bosavern Community Farm stall at Pendeen Farmer's Market, where they sold out of eggs and vegetables and made almost £60, all of which will be used to improve the farm and outbuildings. Terry, Bob, Kent and Jessica got started on fitting a new insulated ceiling in "The Hive", and by the end of the day two-thirds of the ceiling was up.
Kent, Terry and Jessica putting up the new ceiling.
In the afternoon, the rest of us got out into the windswept vegetable field and dug two and a half vegetable beds, removing weed roots as we went, which is a great effort and another step towards cultivating the entire field. And while we were enjoying ourselves digging, Linda and Alice cleaned out the chicken house and collected eggs. A busy day indeed, and we look forward to many more!
Vegetable beds progressing gradually across the field.

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