Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Outbuilding work.

Over the past few weeks, when heavy rain has kept us off the land (we've still managed to sow broad beans outside, and plant shallots, onions, garlic, peas and spring cabbages), we've been developing the outbuildings around the farmyard, four of which now have designated purposes:-
1) The Hive (previously known as the classroom), for meetings, seminars, school groups and events;
2) The Workshop, with its new workbench and shelving;
3) The Tool Shed;
and 4) The Egg Packing Room, as a hygienic dedicated egg space.
Stuart, Kian, Adam and James painting the Hive ceiling and beams.
As well as our own volunteers, the RIO trainees came along for another day to help us out, so thanks to them and the RIO team for making it happen. The Hive ceiling is now all but finished, just a few finishing touches needed here and there, and it is now less drafty and has a hook-and-sneck on the door too.
Bo painting designs onto the egg packing room walls and door.
The egg packing room has also come on by leaps and bounds, and now only needs the painting finishing off, and the electricity and water supplies reconnecting, before the job is done.
Bob and Deb cementing gaps in the workshop.
The downstairs workshop now has a stronger ceiling, new window, work-bench, shelves, and less gaps between the stones, but needs more cement and more paint, plus a good tidy up, before we can move the tools in out of the kitchen cupboard. And with the ground outside saturated from this morning's torrential storm, a lot of these jobs could get finished tomorrow!

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