Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tuesday Volunteering.

Due to popular demand (that sounds cliched but it's actually true) as of Tuesday 8th March we will be introducing a new volunteering session here on the farm, every Tuesday afternoon from 1 till 5pm. As I type this, the sun is streaming in through the office window, and hopefully this will continue, because we have a lot of vegetable beds to prepare and sow out on the vegetable field - this should be the main activity through March and April (especially now our work on the outbuildings and tree-bogs is almost complete - many thanks to the 6 volunteers who came on Thursday, and everybody else who has lent a hand over winter). As always, the more people who come the more enjoyable it is for everybody, the more we get done, the more we learn, and the more food we can produce on the farm, so see you here!

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