Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Composting workshop with St. Just Primary school.

On Wednesday 2nd February, a group of pupils from St. Just Primary school came down to the farm to learn about composting, and to tie this in with their classes about gases. As usual, the high-point of their day was being introduced to our very friendly chickens, but they also learnt about nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, and water, and how they play their parts in the composting process.
School group learning about composting.

Would anyone here put tea-bags on their compost heap?
Compost is a wonderful thing, a way of making something from nothing, and of making our organic vegetables  tasty and healthy whilst maintaining soil fertility. During the compost workshop we discussed different ways of composting, and what can go on the heap - tea bags yes, plastic bags no, horse manure yes (but better kept separate and put on your potatoes), autumn leaves yes (but better transformed into leaf mould) - and then we went and had a look at the finished product.
Lovely compost, full of organic matter.
The school visit was reported in The Cornishman the following Thursday. As the friendship and cooperation between Bosavern Community Farm and St. Just Primary School continues to develop, the school donated three apple trees to us, which we have planted (and composted with the above) in a corner of Home Field, to provide shelter (and apples) to the site where the school are going to develop their own vegetable and fruit growing area. Work will begin on this next project once the ground is dry enough for digging.

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