Thursday, February 7, 2013

Creating a pond.

Jim surveying the site for the new pond.
Sarah, Jim and Danny digging the hole.
Jim, Sarah and Danny levelling the bath-tub and filling around the edges.

Job well done - Danny, Sarah and Jim.
 On Tuesday's volunteer session (weekly 1-5pm) we installed a pond next to our polytunnels, to attract wildlife, particularly slug-eating frogs and toads. This old cast-iron bath-tub was once used as a cattle-trough in the farm's cattle-shed, but we thought it would make a fine pond. Later in the day we blocked up the old tap and overflow holes using bungs made from our own willow, made a staircase at the deep-end from stones to allow wildlife to access the pond, and filled it full of rainwater. Now we are going to import some frog-spawn from a local pond, and add a fence for safety. Many thanks to Danny, Jim and Sarah for helping with the project.

The pond filled with water and rocks, with ploytunnels behind.


  1. Ponds are great additions as are bog gardens - they attract so many amphibians and such a lot of wildlife and insects. Try a bog garden as well if you get a chance - so much safer as well where children are concerned.

  2. The whole farm is a bog garden at the moment....