Thursday, February 7, 2013

Harvesting the final potatoes.

By this morning our maincrop field had just about dried out sufficiently to allow a tractor to drag a potato-lifter through the soil, and we knew we had a 4-hour window of weather before the afternoon's projected rainstorm began. This is a job we began last November, and have had to give up on twice due to torrential rain and waterlogging. The final four rows of Ambo potatoes had been in the ground waiting for two months since the last attempt, but we got them all out today, due to a superb effort by ten volunteers - so many many thanks to them, especially to those who stayed right to the end and got wet in the process (the rain came an hour early!). That's a weight off our minds, and we can push on with fencing the field ready for moving our chickens and pigs into it.

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