Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tool Care Workshop.

Despite freezing temperatures (we had to break the ice on the pig's water bowls twice during the day) yesterday, 6 people came to Greg's tool care (a.k.a. Tool Love) workshop here on the farm. There is an art to caring for your tools, with the objectives being to be able to identify and find the right tool for the job, and for that tool to be in a good enough condition to make the job easier for you. A clean and tidy workshop is key.
Laying the tools out to clean them.
 Greg showed us how to clean the tools, arrange the workshop, sharpen the tools, then store them safely.
Sharpening tools.
Our new tool procedure on the farm will involve 5 minutes of sharpening each tool before use (a sharp spade will dig much easier than a blunt one, for example), and 5 minutes of cleaning each tool after use, before being put away in the correct place.
Thanks to Greg Humphries for running this workshop, and to all those who attended despite the numbing wind.

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