Friday, February 1, 2013

St Just Primary visit.

On Wednesday 30th January, three minibuses of pupils came down to the farm from St Just Primary School. They visited as part of their Enterprise Week, but their visit also tied in with work they have been doing on healthy living, healthy eating, and food miles. They split into three groups to cover three areas of the farm - chickens and pigs, polytunnels, and outdoor crops.
Arriving in the farm yard.
 They came prepared with a questionnaire to fill out on their afternoon on the farm, with questions such as....
....How many hen houses can you see?
....What happens to the eggs?
Guided tour of the market garde field.
....Where will you be able to get a vegetable box from?
....What happens to the plants when they are harvested?
Meeting the laying hens.
....List two ways in which locally produced food is better.
....What is organic food?
....What does a business try to do?

Thanks to the volunteers who helped show the school around on the day, and for answering all those questions.

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