Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Veg boxes 29th January

These are the contents of last Friday's small £6 veg box - a pak choi, a head of celery (that's the end of our celery until the autumn!), a bunch of carrots, a kilo of Valor potatoes; plus a swede and red cabbage from Cargease Organic farm near Penzance.
The standard £10 veg box contained 2kg of Valor potatoes, a bunch of carrots, half a kilo of parsnips, a bag of mixed salad leaves, a lettuce, a portion of pumpkin (and that's the last pumpkin until the autumn too!); plus a swede, red cabbage, and a bag of green curly kale from Cargease Organic farm near Penzance.
We can supply local organic full-fat milk, local organic bread, and our own free-range eggs in your veg box as added extras.
Call us on 01736 788454 to try a box next week.

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